#WhistlerUnfiltered: Behind the Lens Campaign and Gallery

The Piece

As much as I love clicking through and turning the pages on photo annuals it was even more of a treat to be apart of the #WhistlerUnfiltered: Behind The Lens campaign. Again I was brought on by Origin Design to take care of the design for the on-line gallery and print ads. It was important to show the depth of the series by having an indication when you first land of how many images, yes i know carousel click through is rough, but we had random start points. When clicking into an images story we went full bleed un-cropped images to be an impactful as possible, also giving a full screen button incase some images where cropped by the many browser sizes we are plagued with. One of the goals of the site was to also showcase the ever-growing and popular #whistlerunfiltered instagram hashtag, which was great to see UGC featured and integrated with some of the industries top photographers. To create a distinction between the featured gallery and the UGC we used a design system that placed all UGC on the darker textured backgrounds with orange highlights while keeping all BHL on white with blue highlights.

The Face

Long Beach, NY Tourism Campaign Website

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